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Element Media Group centers its efforts on the expansion of streaming digital media that is changing the way individuals throughout the world consume content. Leveraging propriety technology we deliver content in a more efficient and concentrated platform, resulting in a truly unique new viewer experience. Element has recruited senior executives from across multiple verticals, including creatives, technologists, data scientists, and operations experts. We have combined this expertise with a portfolio of IP technology groups that can be integrated to deliver on Element’s platform promise.


Element is positioned to thrive in the diverse landscape of content delivery: with a heavy focus on diversifying assets that work together to deliver a one of a kind product.


Assets that will utilize technology to create the next generation of studio spaces, producing original content in a more


Assets that will provide innovative technology to help deliver an unparalleled customer experience, while providing Element with the data and tools necessary to maximize revenue generation opportunities.


Assets that will concentrate on the next generation of interactive sporting events from action, lifestyle, mainstream, E-Sports, as well as emerging properties.



Positioned to acquire and build facilities in key markets world-wide, consisting of sound stages, offices, production facilities, warehousing, and local technology centers for in market use.


Ability to deliver pictures and series at budgets far less than the studios can produce them.


Internal production teams to handle creation of original content.


Internal production teams to handle distribution and acquisition of content.


Local market creation and curation of content, including live sports, sports talk, news, and lifestyle content in native languages, that connects individuals and communities to their cultural roots.


Content focus on Gen Z, an engaged and loyal global user base that currently consumes content 24/7 through streaming and mobile devices.


The continued convergence of digital content and connected devices has created an opportunity to differentiate in the market place. Traditional TV and OTT models no longer meet the needs of the customer. Integrated, cutting edge technologies are needed to power the platform of the future. Element’s technology portfolio provides the puzzle pieces needed to meet these demands.

  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) support to provide cutting edge content experiences.
  • Proprietary search algorithm and AI for content selection.
  • Second screen technology to increase engagement opportunities, including merchandising and t-commerce.
  • Ad serving which allows marketers to create and track highly personalized offers and experiences across channels and devices.
  • Intelligent guide that provides the ability to launch interactive experiences.
  • Recommendation engine that curates and suggests content individualized to each viewer.
  • Community viewing experiences that allow users to watch and interact around content.
  • Ability to authenticate and view content across several platforms and devices.
  • Custom viewing modes that seamlessly integrate digital media and web tools.

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